Godfather’s Bar was established April 22, 2005 with two
    “buddies” having over 75 years of combined experience
    drinking and partying all over the world. The opening plan was
    to have a place where everyone could enjoy an island bar with
    an Italian Mafia theme…GODFATHER’S. The bar is decorated
    with pictures, events, articles and Mafia Gangsters. Any given
    night you can walk into Godfather’s and see familiar faces
    and all kinds of celebrations going on. Godfather’s have
    customers that come from all over the world, places like Asia,
    Europe, North and South American, The South Pacific and of
    course right here at home in Saipan. Godfather’s has earned the
    reputation of having one of the best night-life bars on Saipan
    with 7 nights a week of different music and live bands
    playing a large variety of music
    When the band is not playing an Internet jukebox & a pool
    table are available. Godfather’s also offering free Wi-Fi and
    Internet to customers and is equipped with 8 full cable TV’s
    playing full cable programming all night long.
    The Bar has over 20+ bottles of different kinds of domestic
    and imported beers, and 4 Draft beers/kegs. (Budweiser,
    Hoegarden, Amber, & Stella Artois). Every night of the week we
    have different shots on special, shots like “Oatmeal Cookies”
    and the Godfather’s original “Jagerbomb”. You have to come in
    to try it!!! For food Godfather’s is well known for their
    homemade pizza, fresh local fish (sashimi & poki), and Filipino
    and Mexican food dishes. All food is available for in-house
    dining or takeout. Godfather’s takes pride in their staff [the
    secret to their success] and the quality of service they give. We
    are open 7 days a week Monday–Saturday from 3 p.m. To 2 a.
    m. and on Sunday 5 p.m. To midnight. The bar always has
    something new going on with Promo’s, Parties, and Special
    Guest Singers, Raffles or even just giving away free shots to
    all customers!
    It’s a party atmosphere and as Michael Corleone (Al Pacino)
    said in the movie “The Godfather”: “Every time I try to get out
    they pull me back in! “